top chef texas 'Top Chef' recap: Pigs and RabbitsSo this season, they are bringing in twenty-nine contestants and then narrowing it down to sixteen. And Emeril is a judge! They divide the potential cheftestants into three groups (which makes me think there were supposed to be thirty to start out), and have them compete in a challenge. The tops in each group will actually get to be on the show. When did this show turn into Top Model? Anyway, each group will present their dishes and then the judges will vote on whether or not they get be on the show. But if the judges are undecided, the cheftestants can be put “on the bubble” and they will have to cook again to try to get on the show in sort of a losers’ bracket.

The first group has to prepare a feast using a whole pig for Tom, Padma, and Emeril. They get to choose what part they want to work with (sort of) and this one nerd, who couldn’t shut up about how he had cooked for celebrities, grabs a giant hunk of pig and claims he can butcher it and get the pieces he needs as well as some other poor lady’s tenderloin. He makes a wreck of it and ends up screwing up her loin as well, and Tom just sends him home before he even starts cooking! It was awesome. Another guy gets sent home because he made a mess of his plates and the judges didn’t even taste his food. They send five people through and put Molly and Grayson (poor tenderloin lady) on the bubble.

The second group will be judged by Tom, Padma, and Gail. Their challenge is to agree on an ingredient from a table full of them, and then they all have to make one dish using that ingredient. They choose rabbit. One poor lady spaces out while plating and time is up before she gets the rabbit on her plate, so they just tell her to leave. This **** is hardcore. After tasting all of the dishes (those poor bunnies), the judges send six people through and put Ed (rabbit wasn’t thoroughly cooked) and Janine (forgot her sauce) on the bubble.

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