top chef texas 'Top Chef' recap: Salt LickQuickfire Challenge: The challenge is based on Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold (guest judge), and they have to create the best modernist dish. Is that Microsoft Nathan Myhrvold? [frantically Googles, ironically] Yep. Chris Moto thinks he has it wrapped up, because he’s Mr. Molecular Gastronomy. Ty, Sarah and Chris Moto are the top three, and Ty wins. Ooh, Chris Moto has got to be destroyed — he came up with this whole miracle berry pill and a super complicated dining experience.

The elimination challenge is to cook barbeque for three hundred guests at the Salt Lick. They have to form teams of three and no one wants to work with weirdo Beverly. They have to cook chicken, ribs and brisket along with two sides, and they get all night to cook. After spending a night breathing in wood smoke in the heat, Sarah has a spell because she’s having trouble breathing and paramedics take her out on a stretcher. She’s out of the challenge, leaving her teammates Ed and Ty to finish and serve the food on their own. Here is what each team serves:

Blue Team (Grayson, Lindsay and Paul): Asian spare ribs, chicken, brisket, Brussels sprouts and watermelon salad. Most of the judges like the different flavors, although Tom thinks the brisket is underseasoned and the Brussels sprouts are undercooked.

White Team (Beverly, Chris Hollywood and Chris Moto): beer can chicken, brisket and Dr. Pepper glazed pork ribs. I guess we don’t get to her about their sides. The judges think the chicken is good, but it’s more of a roast chicken than a barbeque chicken, because it has no smoke. The ribs are too salty and the brisket is kind of chewy, but everyone likes the coleslaw. I think their other side was a watermelon lemonade? Which was unremarkable.

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