top chef texas 'Top Chef' recap: Tears of JoyBeverly wins the Last Chance Kitchen competition and comes back into the competition. No one is really happy to see her, which doesn’t make much sense, because if they all think she sucks, they should be happy to have one fewer challenger for the prize.

Quickfire Challenge: Wear a blindfold to choose ingredients from the pantry, but they get to see while they cook. All of their chosen ingredients have to be used in their dish. The winner gets a choice: a Prius or an automatic bid to the finals and they don’t have to compete in the Elimination Challenge this week. Beverly is pathetic in her blindfold and has to have Padma’s help getting into the pantry (cheating!). It comes down to Ed (who mistakenly chose pork casings, thinking they were pancetta, and ended up using them to make stock for a soup) and Sarah, who made a corn soup with mushrooms and peaches. Seriously. And then she wins, so I guess it worked. Sarah is no dummy and she picks the guaranteed shot at the final round. Ed and Paul try to front like they wouldn’t want immunity, but they are idiots. There’s so much about the challenges that you can’t control, and some fluke could send you home for being a dummy, dummy.

Elimination Challenge: Make a dish to impress your mentor. When the mentors are brought in, all of the cheftestants get very emotional, especially Paul who is crying so hard he almost can’t speak. They really get to cook whatever they think best represents their culinary point of view, so it should be some good food. Here are the dishes:

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