top chef texas 'Top Chef' recap: The War of RestaurantsQuickfire Challenge: None, because of the Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge: Restaurant Wars! The cheftestants are super excited even though someone always screws up royally. I can remember like two restaurants in nine seasons that were universally praised and the clear winner. Anyway, Padma announce that, for the first time, it’s men versus women. Edward is sure the dudes will win because, I mean, come on. Women can’t cook. Each team has a night to take over a restaurant called The Palm Door (get it?) and cook a three course menu with two choices per course for a hundred people. Someone needs to run front of house. Each team member needs to cook a dish. And they have to decorate themselves, which they’ve gotten away from the past few years.

During planning and shopping, the guys seem to be getting along really well and the women are all ganging up on poor Bev, the professional victim, with Sarah leading the way. She is really awful in the way that she talks to people. So condescending and short with people. I would tell her to eff off.

The men have to serve first, and their concept is Canteen, because it’s like a mess hall with communal dining, I guess? I don’t feel like their food matches their concept for maybe they can sell it. As they start seating guests, it becomes clear that their expediting system isn’t working (or doesn’t exist) so eventually they send Ty out to manage the tickets, which the judges don’t like. And then a little later, Paul goes out and takes over. Yikes. Here are their dishes:

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