top chef texas 'Top Chef' recap: Ugly GameQuickfire Challenge: Tim Love is the guest judge and the cheftestants have to choose from many tequilas and make a dish to be paired with it. Tim Love calls Heather’s dish similar to something you’d find in a chain restaurant. Ouch. Ty-Lor wins with a spicy oyster dish. He doesn’t get immunity, but he does get $5,000.

Elimination Challenge: The cheftestants are paired up randomly based on where they are standing. Each pair will be cooking a game meat for a famous game-meat cooking chef. The twist is that the cheftestants will decide amongst themselves who will be the bottom three, and then the judges will make the final decision, and both members of the team will be eliminated.

As you might expect, Beverly and Heather are butting heads. Well, Beverly is trying to cook and Heather is bullying her, mostly about how she doesn’t want their dish to be too Asian. Chris Moto has this big plan to make some sort of lattice work out of saltwater soaked sweet potatoes, and Grayson trusts him, and it doesn’t work. Anyway, here are the dishes:

Nyesha and Dakota: roasted rack of venison with kabocha squash and beet gratin. The venison is undercooked and it’s Dakota’s fault. The judges like the rest of the plate, though.

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