Top Chef video.jpgYou think you ate all you could stuff down your gullet this holiday? Well, prepare to start craving ribs and Texas toast while you’re watching TV on the treadmill. “Top Chef: Texas” is back with a super-sized episode on Wednesday, January 4th on Bravo.

We’ve got two promos from the episode for you to check out. In the first, a medical emergency robs one contestant of her chance this week. Sarah Grueneberg succumbs to Texas heat that is over the century mark and needs to call a medic.

In the second, the chef’testants attempt to create dishes using modernist cuisine techniques. It looks like the lab of a bunch of mad scientists in there with melting powder, clouds of fog and magic potions. Check out the videos and let us know what you think. Yes, we totally snack during the show too.

Posted by:jbusch