top chef season 9 live voting showpage 'Top Chef: Texas' winner: Paul Qui! What do you think of the judges choice?We finally know who won “Top Chef: Texas!” It was a long season, and we’ve probably gained weight just looking at the delicious food these chef’testants made. In the end, it came down to Paul Qui and Sarah Grueneberg. The finale took place in Vancouver (which is a bit odd) and these two knocked it out of the park..

Paul Qui had took over the Vancouver restaurant “Coast.” He called it “Qi.” He served:

1st course: Chawan mushi, edamame peashoots and spot prawns.
2nd course: Grilled sea bass with clam dashi, pickled radishes and mushrooms.
3rd course: Congee, scrambled eggs, uni, kale and smoked albacore.
4th course: Coconut ice cream, puffed rice, kumquats, mongosteen, thai chili foam and jasmin gelee.

Sarah Grueneberg took over “Black and Blue,” calling it “Monte Verde.” She served:

1st course: Squid ink tagliatelle, spot prawns and coconut.
2nd course: Rye-crusted steel head trout with fennel sauce, pickled beets and gras pista.
3rd course: Braised veal cheeks with crispy veal sweet bread.
4th course: Hazelnut cake with kumquat and roasted white chocolate ganache.

Paul got a visit from his family and so did Sarah. It seemed to lift both of their spirits. The first round of judging was positive on both sides. Unfortunately, during the second round of judging, Sarah had a bone in one of the pieces of fish she served. Paul has an issue with the Chawan Mushi because of a mistake by one of his crew. Ah, it always hits in the second round.

The judges said it was the best food they’ve ever seen in the finale, and both of the chef’testants gave great speeches. The judges said that Sarah’s pasta dish was brilliant and stunning, but the beets were undercooked. They loved the veal, though the sweet breads were dry and the polenta didn’t work for the second judging. Her desert was a winner all around. In fact, Padma Lakshmi said it was best she’d had in all her time on “Top Chef.” And she hates white chocolate!

On Paul’s end, they loved the Chawan Mushi … at least the first sitting. The second sitting said they were overcooked. They loved the sea bass across the board. The congi seemed a bit off to some of the judges as far as fitting in the menu, but most of them loved it. The desert was, again, a winner.

In the end, Paul took the title. We really would have been happy either way, but we’re dying to hear what you think about the winner. Sound off below.

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