top chef 0728 320 'Top Chef': Who stole the pea puree?“Top Chef” travels the halls of power in D.C. Who gets voted out?

Quickfire Challenge: We all get a political lesson when we learn that members of Congress aren’t allowed to accept meals from lobbyists unless it can be served on a toothpick. So the cheftestants have to devise a one-bite meal that packs the punch of a gourmet meal. There is an abundance of scallops served, and it’s judged by the youngest congressman, who I’m going to guess is not a culinary expert. He chooses Kevin, Angelo and Stephen as the top three, and the winner is Angelo. Gross. He did some shrimp in a cucumber cup. At least his lack of recent wins seems to have diminished his confidence somewhat. Oh, he gets immunity and $20,000.

Elimination Challenge: Create a power lunch to be served at the Palms D.C. They are each assigned a protein, but the people with the same protein are not competing head-to-head. It’s a free-for-all. There’s a controversy over a pea pur�e that Ed made and then couldn’t find on day two, while Alex suspiciously added a pea pur�e to his dish at the last minute, but it’s never really resolved, although clearly the other cheftestants think Alex is guilty. The diners are various political celebrities (Joe Scarborough, Luke Russert and the like).

Alex, Tiffany and Ed are judged to have the three best dishes. Tiffany actually cries because she knew she overcooked the fish, but the other components made up for it. Of course, Alex is specifically praised for his pea pur�e, and Ed and Tiffany are shooting daggers with their eyes. And then Alex wins. So now Alex really can’t admit he stole the food. If he had been in the middle or bottom, maybe he would have owned up to it. Maybe. If he didn’t do it, he should sue the editors, because they made it clear that Alex had the means and the motive, even if they didn’t get the theft on camera.

The bottom three are Kevin, Kelly and Andrea. The judges tell Kevin that his food was too spicy, and his lamb wasn’t cooked well, because he cooked it sous vide and then recooked it under a broiler. Andrea admits that she doesn’t like swordfish, so her dish wasn’t made with enough care. Kelly knows that her food was too salty, so she has no argument there. And going home tonight is…Andrea. Wow. I really thought it was going to be Kelly, and by her reaction, so did she. I can’t believe Amanda and Stephen are still in this thing.

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