marcel vigneron top chef kitchit catering 'Top Chef' will cater your next dinner partyThe branding machine that is Bravo’s “Top Chef” has lined up a new way to bring its chef-testants into your home — by actually bringing the chef-testants into your home.

Bravo has partnered with Kitchit, an online service that brings chefs to private homes for dinner parties, cooking lessons and event catering, to offer up the services of more than a dozen of former “Top Chef” contestants. The promotion runs through Dec. 31 and features menus created by Season 2 winner Ilan Hall and former contestants Jamie Lauren, Nyesha Arrington and others.

In addition, fans can enter to win a dinner party for eight catered by one of four former “Top Chef” contestants — Arrington, Marcel Vigneron, Chris Crary or Richard Farina — through Kitchit. Fans can follow @BravoTopChef on Twitter and answer questions about their dream dinner party; the most original answers will win the prize.

“‘Top Chef’ fans are always asking us for the chance to immerse themselves in the taste and feel of the show and partnering with Kitchit is the perfect way to deliver on this request,” says Ellen Stone, head of marketing for Bravo. “As we did with ‘Top Chef: The Tour’ and the Top Chef Kitchen pop-up restaurant in NYC, Bravo endeavors to give our loyal viewers an opportunity to experience a ‘Top Chef’ dinner first hand from the comfort of their own home.”

Posted by:Rick Porter