Kellywearstler_topdesign2_240 Previously on Top Design: I go away for ONE WEEK (thanks for covering, Sarah!) and Wisit is eliminated, warbling away his sorrows in the greatest exit interview of all time. Noooooooo!!!!1!11!! Totally weak. You’re on notice, judges.

The challenge this week? To build the Roooom of the Fuuutuuuure! (/deep, echoey voice)  They’ve got a three wall space, plus paint, a carpenter, fabric, and $7,000. (Of course, in the year 2108, $7,000 will be worth about twelve cents.)

Eddie immediately takes us to Creepytown with his cloning agency lobby. Did anyone else see the premiere of Eleventh Hour last week? Because all I can think of now when I hear "cloning" is dead fetuses. Ugh. And the splattered red paint on the walls reeeally isn’t helping.

I don’t really know what to say about this room. It’s MC Hammer/Circus/Serial Killer chic. Bright red and gold, with red splatters all over the white walls. Though I hate the man, I usually tend to like Eddie’s work, which makes me wonder if I’m missing something with this room. But honestly, even if you took away the blood spatter, it would still be pretty freaking ugly. 

Andrea decides to go with a pink, "super girly" flying motor home pod house thing. I’m trying to picture this concept going well, and I just…can’t. And yeah, it’s basically a giant fail, if you ask me. If Barbie had a Safari Dreamhouse, this would be it. Pink walls, zebra skin rug, wicker furniture…essentially all the things I hate most in design.

Ondine_topdesign2_240 In Ondine’s future, global warming is still a problem. And I hope you appreciate the monumental effort I’ve put forth to avoid making a political joke, especially considering the fact that there’s a presidential debate on right now. Ondine’s solution: fans and a "cooling fireplace." At Ikea, Ondine is disorganized and loses her list of furniture locations, which is definitely a problem since an hour in Ikea is virtually no time to begin with. I mean, the store has a restaurant. What does that tell you about how long it takes to shop there? She’s totally frantic while working, too, even splattering dark varnish ALL OVER Eddie’s white furniture.

Looking at her final room, it’s clear she’s sacrificed style for theory. It’s well thought-out, with fans, sunlight simulators, and plants. However, it looks like crap. Gray crap. And I somehow doubt that we’ll still be using box fans 100 years from now. 

Natalie’s thinking Jetsons, which probably doesn’t bode well. She’s got a really complicated idea involving moving floors, which I still don’t understand after listening to it three times. Her space is bright orange and a bit cluttered, with an especially distracting shelving system full of knick-knacks blocking the view.   

Preston will be designing a modern, space-traveling hotel. Eddie calls him on having a hotel aesthetic in every room, but I actually like this room better than most of his other work. The division of space into the light seated area and the dark living area is nice, the "space windows" are better than I thought they’d be, and I like his creative lighting behind the translucent wall as well as the rippled molding covering the dining wall. 

Nathan is taking some risks, design-wise, with "bold strokes" including almost black walls and Styrofoam topiaries. I’m worried, but have faith that he can pull it out. However, he’s pretty unhappy to see Preston painting his walls the same color. Um, awful black wall paint might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen these guys fight over.

His room is, indeed, painted black, with a ton of plate-sized white bubbles on the back wall, which I actually like. He has antique plates displayed as art, which I also think is very clever. However, the furniture has a mismatched feel that I’m not really digging.

Nathan_topdesign2_240 Right in the middle of the crazy design madness, the designers are surprised with a Pop Design pop quiz. They have to identify the original iconic furniture item versus the rip-off, and Nathan and Ondine make it to the final round, where they have to identify the most expensive of several lamps. Nathan comes out on top and wins immunity. Again.

Judging is impossible to focus on thanks to Kelly Wearstler’s record-breakingly bizarre outfit. It’s like she skinned a Muppet and made it into a dress, then beat up an eccentric old lady and stole her turban, and then commissioned matching socks and shoes. And jewelry. It’s truly overwhelming in its absurdity. She looks so crazy that I feel vaguely guilty mocking her, like she has some sort of fashion disability. 

The judges love Preston’s room, but wish he hadn’t split his focus into two areas. They’re split on Nathan’s space bachelor pad, and think Ondine didn’t bring her many ideas to fruition. They like Eddie’s ideas, but think he fell apart on the color scheme, taste-wise. Kelly calls it "Granny Gone Wild," which is actually exactly how I’d describe her outfit. The judges think that Natalie, also, had great ideas, but didn’t carry them off in an attractive way. And I’m completely agreed with the judges that Andrea’s room wasn’t futuristic enough. (Also: Tacky.)

Preston wins! You know, I can’t really argue with that, even though I think he’s lucky he wasn’t kicked off a while ago. Natalie and her cluttered orange room are out, which I can also live with. (Note to judges: Your success this week, outfits aside, does NOT mean I’m okay with your decisions last week. I miss Wisit!)

Who else do you think has overstayed his or her welcome? And seriously, what was the deal with Wearstler’s outfit?    

Posted by:Liz Pardue