top-gun-sequel-top-gun-3d-tom-cruise-500.jpgFollowing director Tony Scott’s suicide in August, plans for a sequel to his blockbuster film “Top Gun” have reportedly fallen apart. But does the 3D version of the 1986 original still have a chance to hit theaters?

The New York Times reports that the 3D movie, completed earlier this year by Legend3D, had previously been seen as a way to prime audiences for the sequel, which Scott, Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer had been working on. But since the director’s death, executives at Paramount are left debating what to do with the 3D version of the film. It could either be viewed by moviegoers as a tribute to Scott or as insensitive and exploitative in the wake of his passing.

According to the Times’ sources connected with the project, the director was enthusiastic about the 3D conversion in the weeks leading up to death. Sources briefed on Paramount’s deliberations about the film’s fate say the studio is considering releasing it in February 2013.

Do you think releasing “Top Gun 3D” is a good move?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper