Kardashians-topless.jpgThink you’ve seen the Kardashians pose in every possible outfit in existence? Well, you’re wrong. Now you can see them topless! (Okay, we know you’ve already seen Kim’s sex tape.) Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are posing in jeans and strategically placed arms for an ad for their new denim line for Sears.

According to Celebuzz, the photo was shot by famous photographer Nick Saglimbeni. The line is targeted at curvy ladies. As Kim tells People, she has to get everything sized to fit her. “We have to get everything tailored, so in this collection, we wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to tailor anything. It was the exact way we like it — from the fabrics being very comfortable and stretchy to fitting all of our body types.”

The denim line will launch in about four weeks, followed by a home collection and a bathing suit collection. So, what then? Naked Kardashians posing in their new sheets? Dusting a Kardashian-brand vase in a French maid outfit? The possibilities are endless.

Posted by:jbusch