john barrowman apr 2011 gi 'Torchwood's' John Barrowmann on P.M. David Cameron's support of same sex kissing ban on UK TV“Torchwood” star John Barrowman is stunned and dismayed by British Prime Minister David Cameron‘s apparent support for a ban on showing same-sex kissing on U.K. television outside late-night “adult” viewing hours.

Cameron reportedly favors a policy that would forbid showing any such images during the “pre-watershed” TV hours before 9 p.m. That doesn’t sit well with the openly gay Barrowman, whose “Torchwood” character, Capt. Jack Harkness, likewise is no stranger to kissing other men.

“I’m shocked,” Barrowman says. “I don’t have all the information, but if it’s true and it’s going to happen, I think it’s ridiculous. If we can see a man and a woman kiss [in the earlier hours], we should be able to see two men kiss or two women kiss. It’s a sign of affection and love. There’s nothing dirty about it. It’s perfectly natural, perfectly normal. To do this suggests that it’s bad, that’s it’s wrong. And there is nothing about me and my life that is wrong.”

The actor says he’s especially surprised by this news because he was invited to 10 Downing Street after Cameron became prime minister. “They wanted to have a relationship with a lot of the gay community and get their thoughts on stuff,” he says. “This frightens me, because this goes back to what I call the old conservative ways of the Conservative party in the U.K. It shows that they are not being progressive and not moving forward.”

Barrowman says he isn’t advocating showing full-on sex scenes during pre-watershed hours, “but a kiss? That’s ridiculous. This sparks a bit of a flame in me, and it’s something that I will stand up for.”

Posted by:John Crook