tori spelling dean mcdermott Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott is out of the ICU, and his 'spirits are up'Good news from Tori and Dean’s Home Sweet Hospital! Dean McDermott, who suffered a punctured and collapsed lung after a dirt bike accident on June 30, has been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit to a “regular room,” according to his wife Tori Spelling‘s official Twitter.

]]>When she took their two kids to visit him in the hospital, she tweeted, “I said to [him] ‘Babe do u want anything?’ He said ‘Oreo McFlurry!’ So his spirits are up despite all the pain.” McDermott’s official account is “deanracer,” which alludes to his love for motorcycle racing, but he may be taking a bit of a break from the bike. “I ended [up] smashing my chest into my bars as I went over the front of the bike,” he writes. “It was a freak accident. Oh, and [I have] 3 stitches in my right butt cheek where a stone got imbedded. Let’s just say, I wont be dirt biking anymore.” As for his spirits… we hope he can keep them up through the rest of his ordeal, which is about to get messy. “My catheter is stuck and won’t come out. I’m waiting for the Doctor to get here and give it a try. Gotta be honest, I’m scared !!” he tweeted on Friday afternoon. Ouch? Follow Zap2it and @cadlymack  on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo: Getty

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie