Tori-spelling-dean-mcdermott-Tori Spelling has a few words of advice for Jon and Kate Gosselin.

“… Just know that this too shall pass…. Next week, it will be

someone else on the cover [of magazines] and you can go about your


Yeah, OK, fine. But the Gosselins and their eight kids don't exactly have the Spelling fame, connections or fortune.

So it's not quite the same for them as it is for Tori and her husband Dean McDermott

parents of Stella and Liam — who return to Oxygen for the fourth season

of their own reality series, "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."


Tori still has some thoughts about Jon and Kate’s ongoing personal

dirty laundry aired on national TV, websites and magazines.

She tells “Extra’s” Mario Lopez that she was — operative word –  a huge fan of the show.

"It was one of my favorite shows. Now, it seems to have gone to an odd place…. I loved the fact that they were a normal family. They weren’t in Hollywood. They were real and it’s hard for me now to see them on the cover of People Magazine…. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m not watching a celebrity family on TV. I’m actually watching a real family and I want to know what that’s like so I can relate to that.'

"So now it’s gone to a whole different level and I feel bad for them."

How do you feel about the Gosselin family's deterioration? Do you agree with Tori Spelling? 

Are the Gosselin babies being exploited? What do you think?

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