tvfash731 Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) of 'Victorious'

In more traditional schools, the uniform is obvious: plaid skirts and white or sky-blue blouses or chinos and polo shirts. In a performing arts school, where expression is stressed over conformity, there’s nothing uniform about students’ looks.
In Nickelodeon’s hit “Victorious,” set in a performing arts school, star Victoria Justice’s character, Tori Vega, mirrors her own easy, slightly bohemian look.
“Tori’s look is very similar to the way I dress,” Justice says. “Whenever we are picking out each outfit for each scene, I get to work with Kris (Dangl, costume designer), who does every (producer) Dan Schneider show, and she has a great eye for color.”
“Victoria is the first character I have ever dressed that I feel really confident putting in pale colors because of her dark skin and dark eyes,” Dangl says. “She almost always has a wash of stone gray or a grayish pink or a pale dusty rose, pale, pale gray whites. She can pull that off like no one else I ever dressed.”
Dangl, who had just returned from shopping for the show’s actors, says, “It’s like Christmas every single Monday. It doesn’t suck.”
She developed Tori’s look and says, “She started out kind of a little straight-laced, a little every-girl-next-door. As soon as she got into Hollywood Arts, I think her true character came out. And I think that she is a little bohemian and a little bit of that ’70s hippie going on, a little rock and roll. And I think she is very comfortable in her skin. She is casual and does not put very much effort into her clothes, so it is very simple, which is very much Victoria. She is just cozy and wants to be comfortable and not too much muss, fuss in her clothes.”
Her jeans are Rockstar Jeans, Goldstar and J Brand.
“Everyone loves J Brand, and I know it’s because of the fabric,” Dangl says. “They feel contained. Anything that is sloshing around will not slosh; it will curve their curves perfectly. It does not add anything. It is a thick fabric that has so much stretch. The kids just feel secure in them. I also like it because the colors are very saturated.”
Dangl says, “Girls who are so long and lean look silly in capris.”
Her leather jackets are from AllSaints. The must-have for Tori’s look are “boots, boots, boots, boots!” Dangl says. “She must have, in my collection, 10 pairs of boots, knee-high and some that come over the knee, like pirate boots.”
Since they worked together on “Zoey 101,” Dangl has bought boots from John Fluevog, and on “Victorious,” she’s always in boots.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler