touch-tessellations-david-mazouz-kiefer-sutherland-fox-season-finale“Touch” has captured the imaginations of people everywhere by showing the power of connection and the incredible cast, including Kiefer Sutherland and David Mazouz. Zap2it got a chance to chat with producer Tim Kring about what’s coming in the big finale and what to expect in Season 2.

Kring tells us that they were done writing, shooting and almost done editing when the renewal came in. Despite that, he says they already knew what they wanted to do with Season 2,” he says. “When
you see the season finale, we point in a very very big
direction as to where we are going. The last few minutes of the
season finale are really setting up a brand new world for us for the
second season. As clean a slate as I could ever imagine for a show
going from one season to the other, we pull off in the season finale”

In a recent episode, Martin (Sutherland) accepts that Jake (Mazouz) will never speak. We asked if he thought that would ever change. It turns out it might. Kring says, “We’re sort of leaving that question
hopefully unanswered for a while. But we certainly point to an
interesting new idea when we introduce this new character Amelia. We
point to the fact that she speaks when she never used to speak
before. So people will likely wonder whether Jake will get there too
someday as well.”

We got him to tease the season finale as well, which is going to change everything about the show. Kring says, “We have been very stand-alonish in terms of the kind of
episode that we’ve done this season, but by the time we get to the
two-part season finale, we really move into a much more serialized
mode because we are cranking up the story of what happens, in terms
of jepordy wise to Jake, and Martin’s custody issues with the
state really crank up, and that becomes the big driving story of the
two-part season finale. The heat gets turned up very high and it’s
a dramatic two-parter. I think the audience will come to see that
this story that we have told in these twelve episodes is very much
centered around the issue of what is going to happen to Jake in terms
of this custody issues with the state. That was really the driving,
overarching idea of the story. And by the end of episode twelve, we
put that issue to rest.”

The “Touch” season finale airs on May 31 on FOX.

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