Touch-Kiefer-Sutherland-David-Mazouz.jpg“Touch” is all about making love connections in “Entanglements.” Not just romantic love. It’s about familial love as well. Jake (David Mazouz) and his numbers bring greater understanding of family connections in the episode.

We’re keeping this spoiler free, but here’s what’s coming in the episode. Jake has a huge evaluation looming and Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) is trying to get there. On the way, he meets a young woman with serious family issues.

In Saudi Arabia, a young woman defies her father, while in New York, a Chinese pickpocket comes to terms with where his daughter is and what fatherly love requires. Teller (Danny Glover) meets with his estranged daughter, who thinks his brilliance is actually a brain issue. What does this mean for his theories about Jake?

How they all link up is the usual fare on “Touch,” though completely fascinating. We’re still not getting any answers to our questions about who and what Jake is, but there is a repeating pattern that gives us one more clue.

Best line of the week? Martin saying, “I’m not trying to be a hero here. Trust me.” Oh Jack Bauer. We miss you! So, who or what do you think Jake is? Let us know your thoughts.

Posted by:jbusch