touch kiefer sutherland 'Touch' recap: Daddy IssuesThe morning after the events of the pilot, little appears to have changed. Claire still wants Jake in the clinic that already let him escape once, and Kiefer isn’t cool with it. Only the threat of police involvement forces Kiefer to cave. But he’s got a new clue from Jake to work on: a phone number that leads him to a pawn shop. Kiefer goes there and foils an armed robbery there, but the owner doesn’t appear grateful as he is brought wounded to the hospital.

Something else Kiefer inadvertently foils is the delivery of a dog onto a Russia-bound plane. When it gets loose, the flight attendant responsible for it has to go chasing after it, causing her to miss her plane. So with her day already a complete failure, she decides to spend it helping a kid from India try to scatter his father’s ashes at a nonspecific baseball stadium. Which doesn’t go well, aside from the fact that they talk around their respective daddy issues during the failed errand, and the fact that the flight attendant spots the runaway dog again and gets to go running after it some more.

As for the robber, his objective was to get enough money to pay off a Russian mobster. But since the robbery fell apart, all he has to offer him is the World Series home run baseball he was able to grab at the pawn shop. Coincidentally, he was the one who pawned it in the first place years ago, after being the one to catch it. After some efforts to turn it into cash, he decides to return it to the player who hit it instead. Talk about a leap of faith from a moving karma.

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