touch kiefer sutherland 'Touch' recap: One Crazy KnightClea (not Claire, as I’ve incorrectly thought all this time, how embarrassing) is still giving Kiefer a hard time about his new habit of chasing down numbers for Jake. But that doesn’t stop Kiefer from pursuing a new one: 3287, which comes with a picture of a dragon. After another unenlightening visit with Teller, Kiefer witnesses a homeless woman being hit by a car, then chases a homeless man after he takes a book from her belongings. It turns out the book belongs to the homeless man, and it’s full of numbers like Jake’s. Kiefer latches onto this lead, who calls himself “The Invisible Knight” and goes around facilitating connections without anyone noticing. Kiefer follows one of these connections to a class-action suit where investors are suing a financial firm. Suddenly he finds himself putting his old investigative reporter pants back on and discovers The Invisible Knight is in fact the man who invented the financial instrument that allowed the company to cheat its investors, and has since gone Fisher King over his creation being used for evil. But Kiefer’s able to follow the clues, help an old prot�g� at the paper break the story, and I guess get everyone’s money back.

Elsewhere in the world, there’s some ridiculous online dance battle going on, where anyone with a computer can log on and take on the defending champion via webcam. The champ is at a festival someplace, where some chick realizes she’s been stood up before she meets the Japanese escorts and ends up with their phone before making friends with the ex-champ. Yes, ex-champ, because he got beaten by some kid in Soweto. Whose sister has a friend whose boyfriend beats her up — at least, until the women of the village take back the night with cooking utensils. It’s almost as ridiculous as the dance battle.

Jake doesn’t leave the clinic for once, but door six in the building is clearly going to be an ongoing mystery, as a toy car that Jake rolled into the supposedly empty room rolls back out when everything comes together, a moment that coincides with the cessation of Jake’s sudden screaming. Yes, he screams, but he stops, too. As for Clea, she gets another phantom call from her mom’s old phone number, and it looks like it’s going to be the woman Kiefer saw flattened by the cab, until it’s not. But at least Clea has the phone that dialed the call, so maybe Jake’s helping her find her mom somehow. If nothing else, she promises to try to not be on Kiefer’s case so much all the time. That’ll be nice.

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