touch kiefer sutherland 'Touch' recap: Pull the Other OneKiefer decides to take Jake to visit his dead wife (and 9/11 victim) Sarah’s grave one fine Sunday, but of course nothing is ever simple with Jake. They run into an old friend of Sarah’s named Bobby that Kiefer never knew about, who bails when Kiefer has to go chasing after Jake and his kite. Jake releases the kite to the wind at 9:50, because this week’s episode is brought to you by the number 9.5, and the two of them are off on a merry chase after it, except for the merry part.

Elsewhere in the world, Baghdad’s own Chris Raq (remember? The kid from the pilot?) wants to audition to put on a show at the American embassy, featuring himself warming up for his buddy’s heavy metal band Deep Lightning. The main obstacle is how high they can turn up the bass amp, but Chris Raq is on it, sending an Internet message to some guy named King Roadie. But a more urgent development is that the American Lieutenant who has befriended Chris Raq is injured in an IED attack and finds herself dragging her wounded ass, as well as a comrade’s, across the desert at night.

Meanwhile, Kiefer follows Jake right to Bobby’s apartment, where they learn that Sarah tutored Bobby and helped him pass his GED test and turn his life around. Bobby even named his daughter after Sarah, but he’s acting so sketchy that Kiefer soon gets suspicious, and things become rather heated.

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