Touch-poster-cropped.jpg“Touch” premieres on Fox tonight, with a replay of the episode previewed earlier this year. In the show, Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) is a widower who’s son Jake (David Mazouz) is autistic and doesn’t speak. He realizes that Jake is communicating with numbers and seeing patterns that predict future events. We got a chance to speak with Roxana Brusso who plays Sheri Strepling, the head of the organization where Martin’s son is taken after a breakdown.

We asked Brusso about whether or not she believes everything is connected as the show posits. “I think it’s very relevant to what the world is today, with the internet,” she says. “We’re all connected. My gosh, talking to people in milliseconds and through email. We’ve never been able to connect with that many people before. Look at Twitter and Facebook. People you encounter that you’ve never met! It’s a whole new world. I think this show really pertains to it.”

She also spoke about what side of the playing field Sheri is on. Brusso says, “She’s definitely on the medical side of things, you know? It’s part of the conflict between Kiefer and myself. We both want what’s best for the boy, but we both have different ideas about how to do it. Also, he knows something I don’t.” 

In the business, you’re always told not to work with animals or kids, but Brusso says Mazouz is outstanding. “He’s absolutely a joy. I’m amazed at his work ethic. This is a role where he doesn’t speak outside of the narratives, but his inner life … for a 10-year-old to have an inner life like this … it’s a wonderful gift that he has.”

“Touch” premieres tonight at 9/8c on Fox.

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