touch-tessellations-david-mazouz-kiefer-sutherland-foxWhy is Sheri (Roxana Brusso) using the Amelia sequence to break Jake’s (David Mazouz) brain? Why is the company searching among autistic kids to find the 36 righteous ones? That’s the big question that’s came out of this week’s “Touch.”

The stories about how we’re all connected continue on and are as compelling as always. They say that, as humans, we have a deep need to find patterns and the show draws that out. We thrill to find out that we really are (if the show is to be believed) all one step away from each other. The show’s conceit is that Jake really does have some power that is beyond just being good at math. His mind just knows what’s going to happen and sees the pattern.

So, what are the 36 righteous ones? Why are they searching for them among autistic kids? Is it because they see the world in a completely different way? Patterns seem clearer to them then to the rest of us? And why is the company and the center using the Amelia sequence to the point where children are breaking down?

So many questions and so perfectly frustrating that we’ll have to wait two weeks to find out in the two hour season finale. What did you think of the episode? Let us know below.

Posted by:jbusch