" has always made no apologies for playing up the more seductive side of vampirism, but this week almost the entire cast gets into the game, leaving us with one sexy hour of human, vampire, shapeshifter and even fundamentalist fun.

Once again the show picks up right where we left off last week, with Sam playing dumb with Daphne re: his shapeshifter status. Lucky for him, she turns out to be a shapeshifter too! Ah, supernatural love. They proceed to spend the rest of the episode alternately getting it on and swapping shapeshifter secrets. When will Sam notice the claw marks on her back? Considering how much time they spend in the buff, I'm thinking quite soon.

In Dallas, Sookie chases Barry the telepathic bellboy down but he refuses to talk to her about their mutual gift for fear of what could happen if the ruthless Dallas vamps found out. Sookie offers to teach him how to control his telepathy, but he ends up quitting this job and disappearing to escape her scrutiny.

Sookie, Bill and Eric meet with the local vampires to discuss the Fellowship of the Sun their potential ties to Godric's abduction. The Dallas vamps want to raze the entire operation, but Eric and Bill disagree. Sookie offers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun in order to find out who abducted Godric. Eric demands it to happen despite Bill's protests, and we learn via flashback that the reason Eric is so determined to find Godric because Godric was his maker. While Bill and Sookie are saying their horizontal goodbyes back at the hotel, a mysterious female vampire roams the hallway outside their room, obviously looking for them. Is this mysterious vamp Bill's maker? I can't tell (she looks different, but that is probably because of dress/makeup) but if it is her that will definitely cause some trouble!

Jason begins God boot camp and shows leadership potential, which the Reverend picks up on. Sarah starts to resent her husband cutting her out of the decision making process with the Fellowship and decides starting an affair with Jason is the best way to get back at him. Jason tries to do the right thing and resist her advances but in the end does what we all expect him to and gives in. You know what they say about leopards and spots…

Tara wakes up from her night of debauchery with Eggs and finds Maryann in Sookie's kitchen making breakfast. Maryann says she and Carl need to stay at Sookie's now because the house she was living in before wasn't hers and the owner is back. Tara tells her she can't move in, and finally starts asking questions about what the history is between Maryann, Carl and Eggs. Unfortunately she doesn't get any satisfactory answers. Maryann decides to use her powers for definite evil in retaliation, sitting outside Merlotte's and causing absolute chaos for the workers and patrons inside the bar, and then being a calm support to Tara when she gets home. Tara has a change of heart and says she will ask Sookie if they all can live in the house together. I'm sure this will turn out well! Also, Gran is rolling in her grave right now, I am sure.

Lafayette finally comes back to Merlotte's and stoically asks for his job back. Sam reads him the riot act for disappearing, and Lafayette doesn't put up a fight or talk back but simply sits there quietly until Sam lets him return to work. I'm as worried as Sam is about this new, subdued, polite Lafayette.

Random thoughts:

  • Loved Terry's "Good party!" to Sam and subsequent carrying of Arlene into the forest for some action.
  • I am really, really not enjoying this Soldiers of the Sun storyline. It sort of feels like it comes from a different show.
  • Bill sure has a lot of self-hatred for his race. (Species?) I know a "good" vampire is supposed to be a little self-loathing, but come on Bill. Your kind aren't all bad, for cold-blooded killers.
  • Eric's flashback was very "Let the Right One In," with the speaking in Swedish (I think?) and the young, pretty male vampire.
  • Maryann and Eggs forcing themselves into Sookie's house (with Maryann playing little Ms. Homemaker in one of Gran's old aprons) immediately after Tara and Eggs had sex made me go to a very "Rosemary's Baby" place. That's kind of an obvious story, so I desperately hope I am wrong.
  • Hoyt and Jessica's chaste phone flirtation was a very cute counterpoint to all of the more lurid things happening in the episode. Darn it, I want those kids to make things work!

Favorite quotes:

  • "You are going to be so sorry when I get an eating disorder." – Jessica
  • "What are you, nomads? F***ing Bedouins?" – Tara
  • "Do you know what I think? I think that after all your trials, heartache and pain, God wants you to have a reward. Let me reward you, Jason. Let me help you find your way back to joy." – Sarah right before, well, giving Jason some joy

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler