tracy morgan jimmy fallon Tracy Morgan: Tom Brady went to 'special ed school,' looks like 'Justin Beaver'It would appear that “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan is not a Patriots fan. Jimmy Fallon is doing his show from Super Bowl central, Indianapolis, this week, and when Morgan visited, he had plenty to say about QB Tom Brady.

“I grew up with Tom Brady,” Morgan says. “We was both in special-ed school together. Tom Brady used to wear a crash helmet on the little bus, spit on the window. I put my boy Sharky on him and told him, ‘Don’t let nobody mess with his hair.'”

Remember when Tom Brady and Justin Bieber rocked the same “flat-out sexy” haircut?

“He looked like a little bit of Justin Beaver,” Morgan says.

“It’s Bieber,” Fallon corrected. “It’s Bieber.”

When it comes to his Super Bowl prediction, Morgan doesn’t hesitate. (Though it does take him a moment to process the question.)

“I’m Giants, baby,” he says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie