tranquilized bear cu independent Tranquilized bear falls from a tree and sparks a memeA photo of a tranquilized bear falling from a tree has gone viral and even sparked a meme thanks to Andy Duann, the University of Colorado Boulder senior and CU Independent photographer who captured the image on Thursday (April 26).

The approximately 200-pound bear climbed a tree near the dorms, where it remained for more than two hours, reports the CU Independent. Wildlife officials were able to safely tranquilize the bear, and police used mats to cushion the animal’s landing before placing it in a cage for transportation to a higher elevation.

As for his perfect shot, Duann tells People, “I was so excited. I was late for class, but it was such a rush.”

The picture has also spurred a meme with some questionably humorous captions imposed on the image. We say skip the meme-ing and just bask in the glory of the floating bear all on its own.

What do you think? Falling bear — better with or without meme-ing?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper