Director Michael Bay is doing what he does best. 
As well as shooting action-packed movies featuring gorgeous, scantily clad, half-naked women, he’s now filming action-packed lingerie commercials with gorgeous, scantily-clad half-naked women. 

]]>The “Transformers” director — who has shot award-winning commercials prior to becoming a feature film director — previously shot a Victoria’s Secret lingerie commercial with Gisele Bundchen. 

Now he’s finished a new action-packed VS commercial that debuted at the lingerie chain’s annual fashion show.
Some might argue that Transformers” with the luscious Megan Fox was a glorified skin show. 
And his new lingerie commercial doesn’t disappoint his action movie fans with black helicopters, a fiery explosion with three underwear clad models doing a “Charlie’s Angels” strut.
The girls pose in angel wings, with a motorcycle, in front of a plane,  and parade in unison through an empty mansion.
Where are their weapons? Like you have to ask.
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