have been revealed by a licensed coloring book. Sure enough, if these images are real, they at the very least reveal the evil Decepticons’ latest scheme.

[Spoilers aren’t just for kids. Seriously, be ready to be spoiled.]

Among the images:

  • Sam Witwicky suddenly knows the Transformers’ heiroglyph-based language
  • The Witwicky home is destroyed in a battle, with Bumblebee possibly saving Sam
  • Later, Optimus Prime saves Sam from Devastator
  • John Turturro’s Agent Simmons returns, and must find a way to stop Devastator
  • Megatron also returns, but must fight to regain leadership of the Decepticons
  • Shockwave takes over a military satellite
  • The Decepticons unearth a machine that can destroy our sun

Sadly, there’s no clue what happens to Megan Fox’s character.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser