tree of life brad pitt 'Tree of Life' joins pantheon of Cannes premieres to earn the Palme d'Boo

It is both the deepest insult and sincerest flattery.

Either way, earning boos from the otherwise civilized audience at the Cannes film Festival is a guaranteed way to get attention. Such is the case in 2011 with Terrence Malick‘s bizarre, non-linear opus to the universe, dinosaurs and Brad Pitt, “Tree of Life.”

The film debuted to a select group of critics on May 16. And though it’s already earned its share of fans (The Guardian and Entertainment Weekly among them), naysayers were also represented, with the Hollywood Reporter citing many boos coming from the audience.

But is a boo so bad? Tons of premieres have gotten a mixed (or scathing) reception at Cannes. And here area few of the most notable:

“Antichrist,” 2009
Lars Von Trier’s controversial entry, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe as a couple who go camping after their son falls to his death, culminated in a double-castration and a wholly disgusted audience which booed — and, in some cases, even fainted.

Marie-Antoinette_poster.jpg“Southland Tales,” 2006
The years’ delayed ensemble apocalypse musical drama from “Donnie Darko” director Richard Kelly solidified its status as a cursed project at Cannes. The crowd that didn’t walk out heckled the long, rough cut of what eventually fizzled in theaters the next year.

“Marie Antoinette,” 2006
A certified wunderkind after “The Virgin Suicides” and “Lost In Translation,” Sofia Coppola premiered her hyper-stylized, New Wave biopic about the last queen of France to Cannes to high expectations. Her usual approach and/or the country’s displeasure with the American hand at their history brought her unflattering reviews — which is a shame, because it was pretty good.

“The Brown Bunny,” 2003
Cannes, and the world, is still recovering from the scene to the Vincent Gallo flick where Chlo� Sevigny performed unsimulated oral sex on the writer/director/star — not that they all saw it. The vast majority at the screening walked out in the first few minutes.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell