treme ep 18 'Treme': David Simon says four seasons is 'optimum' for the series“Treme” began shooting its third season for HBO this week, and if things break the way co-creator David Simon hopes they will, he’ll get one more season after this one to conclude the show’s arc.

Simon, co-creator Eric Overmyer and fellow writer George Pelecanos met a couple times between seasons to hash out the story for the remainder of the series, and Simon tells the New Orleans Times-Picayune that they came up with two more seasons’ worth of material. That would put the end of “Treme” at the close of Season 4. Simon tells the paper he sent a memo to HBO detailing their plans for the show.

Whether Simon’s wish is granted is still an open question, of course. HBO hasn’t committed to anything beyond the coming season yet. The channel’s executives have previously voiced support for letting “Treme’s” story play out the way its creators envision it, but there are no guarantees.

In a follow-up e-mail to HitFix, Simon writes that four seasons would be “the optimum for the vast majority of characters, for the theme, and practical for the history of post-Katrina New Orleans.”

“[W]e would have a hard time finishing in three, or, unless some other avenues for storytelling revealed themselves organically, extending the drama to five seasons,” Simon writes.

As for Season 3 of “Treme,” the Times-Picayune reports that Sam Robards (“American Beauty,” “Gossip Girl”) and Chris Coy (“True Blood”) are joining the cast. Robards will play a restaurant investor and Coy an investigative reporter. 

Posted by:Rick Porter