treme robert rob brown macys racial profiling gi 'Treme' star Robert Brown sues Macy's for racial profiling

“Treme” actor Robert Brown claims that the flagship Macy’s store in New York City targeted him due to racial profiling earlier this year. He is now suing the retailer over the incident.

According to a report from, Brown was in the Macy’s department store at Herald Square in New York in June. He was shopping at the location for a watch he intended to give his mother as a graduation present, spending $1300 on a Movado model. After that, the actor was browsing for sunglasses when he was approached by three men.

Brown believes that the white men were NYPD officers. They “publicly and falsely” accused the actor of credit card fraud before cuffing him and walking Brown through the store “like an already convicted common criminal.”

After an hour in a holding cell (it’s not clear whether this was at the store or at a police station), the police realized that a mistake had been made and released him. The cops then tried to fix the situation by offering a police escort to his mother’s graduation.

Why is Brown suing Macy’s and not just the police department for this incident? This is because the actor says it is an ongoing issue at the store. He is now part of a class-action lawsuit against Macy’s.

Posted by:Laurel Brown