17th precinct 520 Tricia Helfer confirms '17th Precinct' is a 'Battlestar Galactica' love fest

It’s hard to get excited about pilots. They tease us with their unfamiliar premises and actors we long to see (back) on TV, but by May, most of them are just a memory.

“Battlestar Galactica” devotees are probably hoping the outlook is more optimistic for “17th Precinct,” the fantasy procedural that “BSG” co-creator Ronald D. Moore is cooking up at NBC. The pilot has already landed leads in three “BSG” alums (Tricia Helfer, James Callis and Jamie Bamber), and Helfer is working that to their advantage.

The actress tweets the above photo from set, saying, “Here ya go #BSG peeps. 6, Baltar, Apollo. Aka Morgana, John, Caolan.”

“17th Precinct,” for those not up to speed, is a twist on the classic cop show, with the crimes set in a fantasy world where magic and mythical creatures are real. Helfer plays necromancer “Morgana” (who presumably speaks with dead victims in lieu of examining their bodies, Callis plays homicide detective “John” and Bamber tackles the crime scene expert “Caolan.”

It’s obviously still very early in the game, but forgive us if this image and the prospect of these three solving magic murders every week doesn’t warm our heart a few extra degrees.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell