triplets all in jail Triplets all in jail: Shivers brothers incarcerated in Michigan

The Shivers family just got a family reunion, though not in the way they likely would have wanted. The Shivers triplets are all in jail for various crimes around Saginaw County, Mich.

Deshawn and Juronn, 21, were recently convicted for an unarmed robbery and have been sentenced to the same correctional facility as their third brother, Devon. Devon was placed there after he was convicted of multiple weapons charges and a home invasion in 2011. The earliest date of his release is 2042.

Saginaw Police Sgt. Terry Carpenter tells ABC News that the Shivers brothers are all part of a gang that is based out of the southeast portion of Saginaw County, Mich. Their older brother, Sanford, 30, is also in prison after pleading guilty in 2001 to assault with intent to do great bodily harm, felony weapons charges and obstructing and restraining police. Sounds like they’re a bunch of winners.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz