Images and trailers from “Tron: Legacy” have been around for months now, and the 3-D film has looked suitably impressive in all of them.

In a new trailer unveiled at Comic-Con Thursday (July 22), though, the movie shows off what may be its coolest — or maybe creepiest — trick of all: Seamless-looking footage of Jeff Bridges as he appeared in the original “Tron” 28 years ago.

Bridges donned a performance-capture suit to do the movement for the character of Clu, a rogue program, and also appears in his current physical form as Kevin Flynn. The movie also stars Garrett Hedlund (“Troy,” “Friday Night Lights”) as Kevin’s son Sam, who goes into the digital universe to find his missing father, and “House’s” Olivia Wilde as another digital warrior.

What do you think of the new “Tron Legacy” trailer? Does seeing the younger Bridges weird you out or make you more interested to see it?

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Posted by:Rick Porter