The best skit on "Saturday Night Live" was Troy Bolton, er, Zac Efron's commencement address to a new batch of East High seniors.

"Here's the deal, no one sings at college, and from what i can tell, this is America's only singing high school," Troy says, breaking the terrible news to the graduating class and describing how different college is from their singing high school.

He tells the kids that when he started singing at college, "People just stared at me, there was zero choreography, zero!" he says as he slams his fist on the podium.

And he warns, "If you're sad at night, and you sing in your bed, people can hear you. Everyone can hear you."

But surely things will turn around, the kids ask.

"Nope. I'm a year out of high school, and my life is over. I have no education, people think i'm weird. I don't know how to express myself except in song."

Thank God, Walt Disney — thawed out — saves the day by inviting him to come back to East High.

"Disney characters aren't supposed to grow up," Walt warns. "Just ask Mickey Mouse or Lindsay Lohan," he added for the biggest groan of the night.

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