Vanessa, Nolé, and Cheryl gather 'round to announce the winner. But guess what? They're all winners! They've got mail, they've got mail! Yay!

Once they get back to the mansion, shiz starts to go down. They get a clue to go downstairs, and after a few minutes of deciphering they finally find the hidden bat cave. It's the judges' secret spy room and they're finally let in on the secret of the show. They don't seem that surprised. Maybe because it was, like, the worst-kept secret ever.

It's finally decision time. The contestants are all brought back to the Hall of Beauty for the verdict. We've seen both Billy and Joel act like tools, but Julia's mostly flown under the radar until her crying fit tonight. Still, it was a little surprising that Billy ended up in 3rd place. Joel was a much bigger jerk. I guess they found him to be more attractive. Either that, or Vanessa wanted to jump his bones. And now for the winner… it's Julia. Duh. Is anyone shocked?

Overall, it was a semi-entertaining show. Chelsea and Billy gave us a lot to gossip about, at least. Vanessa still can't get the hang of the whole "me" and "I" thing. But, hey, little victories.

Posted by:Brandon Millman