carson kressley beth ostros 'True Beauty's' Carson Kressley, Beth Ostrosky: Season 2 has bigger stakes“True Beauty” premieres Monday, May 31 at 10 p.m. on ABC. It’s the second season of the show that has beautiful contestants thinking they are vying to be the new face of Las Vegas and a $100,000 prize. But they are really being judged on how beautiful they are on the inside. Zap2it caught up with judges Beth Ostrosky and Carson Kressley to dish about the new season.

The show is set in Las Vegas and it sounds like Vegas is almost a character in and of itself. “It’s bright, it’s energetic, it’s Las Vegas. The contestants are drinking, they’re partying, they’re in bikinis, they’re all beautiful,” Beth gushes.

“It’s excessive,” Carson deadpans, then cracks up. “They’re there to win $100,000 and be in People magazine and be what they think is the face of Vegas. Being in that environment just upped the ante,” he continues.

So what kind of things can we expect to see the contestants doing? How do you judge someone’s inner beauty?

“We really upped the ante on the challenges. One was an opportunity when they could shoplift in a store to gain an advantage in one of their challenges,” Carson tells us.

“And they did it!” exclaims Beth

“One [challenge] there’s a pregnant woman — who is not really pregnant, she’s one of our actresses — who is having a cocktail and smoking a cigarette. You’re standing in the elevator, it’s just the two of you, would you say something?” Carson asks. “Or one challenge is would you stop a drunk driver? We had an actor who is obviously inebriated and is getting into a car with a six pack.”

Sounds like the stakes are a bit higher this season. And how did those kind of situations affect the judges?

“You’re questioning your own agenda. Would you have stopped to help or made a comment?” Beth says.

“Beth and I took the job because there is some heart there. Hopefully when people watch the show, you’ll be more aware of your behavior,” adds Carson. ” I know that we were. We thought we were being punked the whole time.”

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