" continues to set up pins it maddeningly refuses to knock down, with more mysterious happenings this week and still no definitive answers as to what or why these things are happening. But hey: at least we know Lafayette is okay!

The episode picks right up where last week left off, and we learn that Bill glamoured Jessica's family. I know that was the obvious answer, but I was really hoping for some Bill bloodshed, because I find his good guy thing tedious. Sookie and Bill do what they do best, fight, which causes Sookie to get out of the car and attempt to walk back to Bon Temps. Because she's Sookie, she is almost immediately attacked by some sort of devil-esque monster who leaves wicked scratches up and down her back. Owie. Bill tries to save her with his blood but she rejects it and starts foaming at the mouth. Bill takes her to Fangtasia to get help from Eric, where a "doctor" says whatever attacked her poisoned her, similar to komodo dragon, but she can be treated. Sookie's treatment is just about the most horrible thing I've ever seen, by the way. I can't even talk about it. Finally, Bill is able to give Sookie blood and heal her.

When Sookie wakes up from her healing, she runs into fangbanger Ginger, who let's it slip to Sookie (telepathically, that is) that Lafayette is chained up in the basement. Sookie demands to Eric he be let go, and Eric makes her a deal: if she goes to Dallas to help him find a vampire, he'll let Lafayette go. Sookie takes the deal and she and Bill take a very broken down Lafayette home. Poor Lafayette. Where will he go from here?

Jason is still at leadership camp but is starting to have some doubts, admitting at sharing circle that he isn't a vampire victim, and in fact they've never done anything against him, and his sister is happily dating one. He also admits to watching his girlfriend stake a very friendly vamp, and that in his life people (a.k.a. Rene) have done more harm than vamps. Wow. Good share, Jason. When he tries to leave, Sarah takes him aside, tells him her sob story and tries to make him see that vamps are directly and indirectly at fault for all of their troubles.

Bill leaves Jessica alone to take care of Sookie, so she goes to Merlotte's. Of course, the notoriously shy Hoyt picks her to be the first girl he decides to approach all season. Oh, naive Hoyt. To her credit, Jessica doesn't try to trick him at all and fesses up to being a vamp. Hoyt finds this awesome, and I sure hope Jessica treats him right because I think Hoyt is awesome. Jessica brings him back to Bill's house and they start making out, but Jessica is mortified when her fangs come out prematurely. Hee. Hoyt is very sweet about her "mishap," and suggests they wait before jumping into the physical aspect of their relationship. Hee, again. Jessica doesn't want to wait, though, and attacks him straight away. Don't you hurt my Hoyt, woman. Bill catches them in the act, but Jessica promises she wasn't going to feed on him.

Maryann throws a wild party and Andy shows up to respond to a noise complaint. While snooping around, he sees a pig in the back yard, but when he mentions it to Maryann the pig disappears. Instead of running away like a smart person, Andy instead decides to stay for a drink like an idiot. Tara, also in attendance, thinks about Sam's warnings to her about Maryann and starts to notice that Maryann's party looks more like an orgy than a party, and that her almost-boyfriend Eggs looks like he wants to jump in. Tara isn't so into the idea. I'm not so into your boyfriend's stupid name, Tara.

Sam has had about all he can take and prepares to leave town, putting Terry in charge of the bar. Before he gets the chance to split, however, he runs into bum waitress Daphne at the local skinny dipping spot. When she goes to join him, we see scratches on her back just like the ones Sookie had. Run, Sam, run!

Random thoughts:

  • "Sex and Candy" during Jessica's first visit to Merlotte's was a bit too on the nose, don't you think?
  • Sookie and Eric sure exchanged some, um, charged looks at the end of their Lafayette negotiations. Call me crazy, but I think those kids are going to do it someday.
  • Black eyes on the party revelers again. We don't know what it means yet, but I'm sure it can't be good.
  • They're obviously setting Jason up to either have sex with or at least a major crush on the Reverend's wife. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  • Speaking of Jason, I thought I detected some empathic connection between him and Sookie's pain. Am I crazy, or are they hinting at something here?

Favorite quotes:

  • "She is extremely lazy, but loyal." – Eric, about Pam
  • "If I were you I wouldn't be your first choice." – Terry, when Sam asks him to take over the bar
  • You should try the chicken fried steak. It's like a chicken and a steak got together and made a baby…it's delicious." – Hoyt
  • "My wife must think you're pretty special. Sarah doesn't just whip out her pudding for everybody!" – Reverend Newland
  • This is so embarrassing, I'd die if I wasn't already dead." – Jessica

What did you guys think?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler