annapaquin stephenmoyer trueblood s2 290 'True Blood' Season FinaleTrue Blood” said goodbye to season two tonight with an hour that was surprisingly devoid of most of the insanity that preceded it this year.

We pick up right where we left off last week, with Lafayette infected with Maryann’s black eyed craziness. He orders Sookie to put on some sort of ceremonial garb, seeing as Sookie is about to be Maryann’s “maid of honor” in a twisted marriage to her god. Maryann asks Sookie to repeat her glowing hand performance, but she can’t. Maryann points out that Sookie must be something more than human, because her vibrating trick doesn’t have any affect on Sookie at all. So, I guess season three is going to be all about Sookie’s true nature, huh? Sookie’s part in the ceremony turns out to be nothing more than bait to reel in Sam, who Maryann wants to use as her vessel. Bill is wise to this plan, and goes to Sam demanding he give himself up to Maryann. When he refuses, Bill forces him. I sense a plan…

Outside, Jason and Andy start their assault on Maryann’s wedding ceremony. They
don’t get far before the revelers accost them and they quickly get
infected as well. Oh, boys. The ceremony begins, and it’s like a second rate
Heironymous Bosch painting in Sookie’s front yard. Sam gives himself up
to the sacrifice and Sookie wants to stop it, but Bill holds her back.
When she screams for Sam to use his gift to get out of his bondage,
Bill cryptically advises her to use hers instead. Aha, the plan! She listens in to
Sam, who tells her to destroy everything, which she does with gusto.
Maryann retaliates by pulling out her claws and threatening Sookie, but
she is interrupted by her god in the form of some sort of bull. The
bull does exactly as she wishes and takes a grateful Maryann’s life. Of course, the bull
isn’t a god at all but Sam in bull-God form. He successfully rips out
her Maryann’s heart and kills her. I wonder where he saw a bull like that in
Bon Temps to model off of? Just a thought.

Back at the Queen’s mansion, Eric is playing Yahtzee with her and her fangbangers. Hee. The Queen expresses displeasure at Bill’s fondness for Sookie and admonishes Eric not to fall in love with her, too. Eric stresses that this won’t be a problem. A bigger issue for the Queen is that Bill knows about Eric having Lafayette sell V to humans. Eric points out that what Bill doesn’t know is that he is running this scheme on the Queen’s behest. Eric promises to take care of the Bill problem, and they resume their Yahtzee game. Hee, again.

Hoyt’s mother comes back from her black-eyed stupor and he finds out that what she said about his father killing himself was true. Hoyt accuses her of arresting his development to suit her own needs and storms out of the house, saying he wishes Jessica would have finished her off. Harsh. While Jessica is out dining on a random trucker to soothe her heartache, Hoyt shows up at her house with roses in order to apologize. Oops!

The next day, the town is buzzing about what caused the craziness. One person attributes it to alien invasion. Sam puts it out there that a local distillery was putting pure ethanol in bottles instead of vodka. Andy tries to tell the truth, but everyone just thinks he’s still drunk.

Eggs decides he needs to know everything he did while under Maryann’s influence, and goes to Sookie for help. This is not going to end well, folks. He sees that he’s the one who killed all of Maryann’s previous vessels and cut out their hearts. She is quite the master at delegation, that Maryann. Eggs goes to Andy and confesses, begging to be locked up. As Eggs is standing over Andy waving the murder weapon, Jason appears and shoots Eggs in the head, killing him. Oops again! Andy tells Jason to get lost and takes the blame for the shooting.

Sam decides to leave town and goes to visit his adoptive parents. His mother offers a feeble explanation for why she abandoned him, but all he wants from her are the names of his adoptive parents, which she refuses to give up. Her deathbed husband, however, obviously wants to make amends and writes down their names along with a simple “I’m sorry.” Aw.

Bill takes Sookie out for a celebratory romantic night out at a French restaurant, and caps off the meal with an engagement ring and marriage proposal. A surprised Sookie says she can’t answer him because she is so confused about who and what she might be, and wonders how their relationship will work when she is old and he stays the same age. While she is off composing herself in the bathroom (and realizing she wants to say yes), Bill gets abducted by a shadowy figure wielding a silver chain restraint. Ruh roh! Is this how Eric plans to “take care” of Bill? I smell a misdirect.

Well, that’s it for season two! What did you guys think of the season as a whole? Was it up to par with season one? What were your favorite and least favorite storylines? And what are you looking forward to most in season three?

Random thoughts:

  • Lafayette is part of the bridal party, complete with a beautiful white gown. Perfect.
  • How appropriate is it that Vermont is the state where vamps can marry humans?
  • Was anyone else sort of disappointed that the only explanation for the egg was that it was an ostrich egg, and it represented fertility? I mean, the licking was sort of amusing, but I was expecting more.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I’m a waitress. What the f*** are you?” – Sookie, to Maryann
  • “What is with the egg? Did you lay it?” – Sookie, to Maryann
  • “God with horns. Worship him, bitches!” – Lafayette
  • “God bless who made those jeans. I’m serious. I’d wear him like a scrunchie.” – Random bar patron I can’t identify, about Sam

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