, airing its first-season finale on Sunday, Nov. 23. It reaffirms the notion that vampires are sexy and that Louisiana is a breeding ground for smoldering looks and dental hygiene. So if you have a thing for Spanish moss and mouths full of abnormally long canines, call your friends and family; we’re going to party like hemophiliacs on Coumadin!

Setting the scene:
While Louisiana and its bayous are not as backwoodsy as cliches would have us believe, there is something decoratively appealing about dried clapboard, Spanish moss and red velvet curtains when it comes to duplicating the unliving conditions of a vampire near New Orleans. Head to an antiques store and grab a Victorian couch and a chair covered in velvet; every store has one. (It’s some sort of rule.) Then cover the windows in velvet or velour drapes to help drive that Old World luxurious feeling home. Invitations should be on frayed parchment paper and printed in blood-red ink. True Blood is based on the Southern Vampire series of books by author Charlaine Harris, so why not give as a party favor Unusual Suspects, a collection of original stories that includes a new Sookie Stackhouse tale?

Each character has his or her own look, but guests should be told to come ready to attend a Southern book reading — a casual khaki elegance coupled with a cool combination of hippie chic and biker sleek. That ought to confuse them just enough to keep the looks interesting. Sookies can go with a cute college ensemble, while Bill Comptons should go open-shirted beige with an ashen complexion. Fangs optional.

On the menu:
Cajun food is all the rage, so load up on gumbo and jambalaya for the main course, fried crab cakes for appetizers, and bananas Foster for dessert. But the most important part of this meal is the beverage: Bloody Marys labeled True Blood. The bloodier, the better.

On the hi-fi:
Check out the show’s music listings from each episode, and mix your own compilation. We suggest First Taste by Fiona Apple, Lake Charles by Lucinda Williams, Whiskey in My Whiskey by the Felice Brothers and Eternal Flame by the Bangles.

The showstopper:
For the right price you can move this party to America’s most vampire-friendly city — New Orleans. The New Orleans Vampire Tour takes you through the city’s history and lets you experience its vampires, both real and fictional. For $20 we’re guessing the tour guide does not look like Anna Paquin.

Posted by:Michael Korb