" proves that season two just gets better and better each week, with another highly entertaining episode featuring suicide bombing, a very interesting dream sequence, self-immolation and lots of vampire politics. Did I mention the dream sequence already? Because yowza.

As we left off with last week, Luke blows himself up as a "message from Reverend Steve Newlin." I don't know what kind of bomb that was, but it was awfully bright and shiny. Bill races in to save Sookie, but it seems she didn't need saving from Bill since Eric oh so gentlemanly covered her so she wouldn't be hurt. What a gallant evil supernatural creature. Instead, Eric tells Bill to go take care of Luke's cronies stationed around the house. Bill awesomely and violently pulls them out of their car as they are fleeing and feasts. Go, bad Bill! You're way more interesting than normal, straight-arrow Bill! Too bad he eventually lets the guy go. Boo.

Back in the house it's a horror show, with incinerated vampires and blood everywhere. Eric is in a bad state himself until Sookie reluctantly sucks the silver shrapnel out of him. To say that he enjoys this act is putting it mildly, judging from the huge grin on his face. Bill walks in and breaks it to Sookie that Eric wasn't really in danger and the silver shards would have eventually pushed themselves out. It seems he only did this so she would drink his blood and he would be connected to her forever. Ha! Bill, obviously, is not pleased, and breaks the news that this blood exchange could lead to Sookie having some special feelings for Eric in her downstairs places, if you know what I mean and I think you do. This theory seems to have some merit, considering Sookie's super-steamy dream featuring Eric later that night. Love triangle alert! Bill puts Eric on notice by punching him in the face. In slow motion. Arty!

Godric reveals to the head vampire (the blond who is always advocating for their race on television) that he offered himself up to the Fellowship because "they would have taken one of us sooner or later." Godric overly punishes himself by accepting his firing as Sheriff and taking all the blame. Something is a little hinky with Godric's extreme passivity and martyrdom. Turns out that weirdness is because Godric is quite the little suicidal, self-loathing vamp. Eric begs him not to kill himself, but Godric just asks Eric to let him go. Poor Eric. Eric on his knees, by the way, is almost as tall as Godric standing up, which makes for a funny visual. Never mind the funny, though, this is sad! Sorry. Sookie tells Eric she will stay with Godric so he doesn't have to die alone. Godric sure has heck burns a lot faster than Bill did last season.

Jason finally gets a good scene this season when he explains to Sookie why he got involved with the Fellowship, that they made him feel like he was worth something. They then discuss all of the loss they've experienced in this life and how it only means they need to stick together even more. A nice, quiet, touching scene for the both of them.

Hoyt wants Jessica to meet his mother. Aw. His mother is less than accepting, but Hoyt gives her the ultimatum that if she isn't nice to Jessica, he will leave and never come back. She makes the effort to attend the meeting, but can't hold back her feelings about vampires and berates Jessica until she leaves in tears and Hoyt leaves right along with her.

Tara and Eggs wake up not remembering anything about how they got the bruises all over their bodies. Tara is adamant she doesn't want to black out and Maryann tries to convince her that she's not blacking out, she's going to a higher state of being. She doesn't buy it. Later, Lafayette sees Tara's face and accuses Eggs of beating her up. Which he did, but that's neither here nor there. Lafayette ends up inciting Eggs to punch him, but Tara gets in the way and he hits her instead. Lafayette and Tara's mom show up at Sookie's house later to take Tara away from there, and although Tara gets the power of the black eyes, they manage to drag her out of the house.

Sam is still in jail, as are all of Maryann's partners in debauchery. She shows up and Sam realizes this could be trouble for him, considering she can force him to shapeshift at her will. Oh, and her desire to kill him doesn't help, either. Luckily for him, he spies a fly on the wall, takes its shape and flies out the vent. Maryann, who is quite perturbed at this point, lets all of her followers go on her way out. Maryann charges all of her followers to find Sam and bring him to her. He goes to the only person who will believe him for safety, Andy! Will they finally be able to convince the rest of the town that Maryann is up to no good? I don't know, but I do know that Andy probably wishes Sam had some pants on.

Random thoughts:

  • Most hilarious thing this episode? The bruise in the center of Reverend Newlin's forehead from Jason's paintball blast last week. Hee.
  • As pleasant as it was to see Eric half-naked, the sweet, loving Eric of Sookie's dream was disturbing. I much prefer threatening, manipulative, sarcastic, angsty, non-dream Eric. If they're going to have Sookie and Eric hook up, hopefully they won't have him turn into Bill in the process. We don't need another Spike situation.
  • Now that the Fellowship is on the back burner, it really feels like this season is pickup up steam. The Maryann stuff this week was even pretty entertaining. How do you guys think this season is shaping up?

Favorite quotes:

  • "Eric, I can't. It's too gross, and it's…you." – Sookie, in response to Eric's pleas for her to suck the silver out of him
  • "They like my athletics, my good looks, my sex abilities…but they don't like me for me." – Jason, on the residents of Bon Temps
  • "She was clumsy, stupid and mean, but I wouldn't wish that sort of death on a possum." – Arlene, about Daphne's brutal murder
  • "I simply object to a girlfriend who will kill you and eat you. I think that's reasonable." – Hoyt's mom

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler