true blood hbo sam bill gay 'True Blood': Can one be both a fan of the show and anti gay?

This past week, Philadelphia Eagles player, Todd Herremans, got himself knee-deep in trouble when he expressed his dissatisfaction with the gay storylines in HBO’s “True Blood,” which made us wonder if it’s possible to be a fan of the show and anti-gay.
“So.. caught up on ‘True Blood’ last night,” the footballer tweeted. “Not a fan of how they get you hooked with the first two seasons then bring on a barrage of homosexuality..”
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, he had several chances to take back what he said or explain his statement in a way that wouldn’t be so, let’s say, offensive to gay people when one of the Inquirer’s writers tweeted him back for clarification. Herremans came short of apologizing by simply tweeting back, “To each his/her own.” 
After having a chat with his bosses, though, the tweets disappeared on Tuesday (August 10). In their place, he issued an apology.
“After speaking with Eagles management,” he wrote. “I realize that my tweet earlier was insensitive and tasteless, and for this, I deeply apologize.”
He then tweeted, “It was not my intention to offend or hurt anyone.”
We support every American’s right to free speech (and not just because we’re a media site) – regardless of whether we agree or not. So, the real question we had after hearing the news story was is it possible to be a fan of “True Blood” and anti-gay? On the surface, it would seem illogical.
While the show centers on the straight pairing of Sookie and Bill, there are quite a few gay characters on the show. Many of the “straight” characters even express some element of bisexuality at times. We’ve seen Sam dream of a potential shower with Bill. In last Sunday’s (August 8) episode, Eric mounted Talbot with a certain amount of expertise (before he killed him, of course).
Then we have very straightforward gay scenes in the budding relationship between Jesus and Lafayette and Pam’s lesbian trysts. And as we saw in Sunday’s (August 15) episode, the show pretty much revolves around Russell’s current quest for revenge after Eric killed Talbot, his male lover.
Additionally, the show’s creator and executive producer, Alan Ball, is openly gay and a very vocal supporter of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender) rights, so we don’t see the gay elements of the show going away anytime soon.
Zappers, what do you think? Is it possible to be a Truebie and anti-gay?

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