" solves a mystery, it seems to introduce two more to take its place. Having now solved the puzzle of Maryann, we get two new doozies this week involving a new ability for Sookie and a mysterious new vampire. Bring it on!

As always, we start seemingly continuously from where we left off last week. Having just watched Godric meet the sun, Sookie goes to comfort a grieving Eric by kissing his blood tears away. Vampire relationships are different than human ones, y'all. They start to get it on…but wait! It's another one of Sookie's new naughty Eric dreams. Sigh. Quit teasing us, show.

Back in the real world, Sookie and Jason arrive back in Bon Temps to find it completely in chaos. While they were gone, Maryann and Eggs have been busy building some sort of idol out of flowers and rotting meat. Yum. Sookie and Bill return to her house to find it completely taken over by Maryann. When she attacks Sookie, Bill tries to kill her but is instead poisoned by her nasty maenad blood. Most interestingly, however, Sookie seems to cause the most damage to Maryann, somehow repelling her using her hand. Her hand that is RADIATING SOME SORT OF LIGHT. I must echo Maryann: what are you, Sookie? 

Sam is still hiding out in Andy's hotel room and explaining to Andy all about Maryann and what she is after. Even though Sam knows the danger, Arlene manages to lure him back to Merlotte's with sob stories about her kids being in danger. Don't you know it never pays to be the good guy, Sam? When they arrive, an army of Maryann-infected townspeople corner him and Andy in the walk-in cooler. Jason storms Merlotte's with a chainsaw in full Rambo mode, looking to save Sam. Unfortunately, the crowd doesn't react like he expected. You can't reason with the criminally chaos-loving, Jason. He manages to disperse the crowds by taking Arlene hostage and frees Andy and Sam, only to have them immediately stormed by the angry masses again. Sam realizes Maryann won't let up until she gets a hold of him, so he gives himself up to the mob. Jason ends up using his head (just like Sookie told him to!) to trick the mob into thinking he is the God they've been waiting for. Sam plays along, selling the trick by disappearing (a.k.a. shapeshifting into a what I believe is a fly again) when Jason the fake God "smites" him. That will need some explaining later.

Tara is still getting de-demonized by Lafayette and her mother. Sookie arrives and tries to look inside her head but only sees darkness. She digs deeper but still can't find what she's looking for, until Bill helps by glamouring her into letting Sookie in. This snaps Tara back into herself, where she immediately grieves for everything she realizes she's done while under Maryann's influence. Great job by Rutina Wesley in this scene. I even got a little bit verklempt. When Sookie explains what she saw, Bill realizes Maryann is a maenad and goes to visit a mysterious vampire queen to help defeat her. New vampires, yay!

Also in this episode: Jessica feeds on Hoyt's very annoying mother. Considering she was only quite this annoying because she was infected with Maryann's chaos juice, will this be the end of our favorite couple? I mean, can a relationship really survive one party trying to eat the other party's mom? It seems doubtful.

Random thoughts:

  • The only thing that calms Hoyt's Maryann-infected mother is playing Wii. Hee. She's just like an 8-year-old with ADD!
  • Terry Bellefleur slipping back into military jargon and becoming the pseudo-command leader upon Sam's capture? Priceless.

Favorite quotes:

  • "And people thought I was crazy because I saw a pig!" – Andy, after Sam explains about Maryann
  • "At least shoot the cheap liquor, bottom shelf, bottom shelf!" – Arlene
  • "Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but that don't mean we don't still talk from time to time." – Lafayette
  • "Smite me, motherf****r!" – Sam

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler