Christopher Meloni video.jpg“Law & Order SVU” star Christopher Meloni is using his skill as a TV cop to catch human rights-violator Kony. Sort of. The future “True Blood” hottie is bringing awareness to the problem by starring in a new Funny Or Die video.

“I’m quitting acting!” Meloni tells his agent. “Here’s my fake gun. My fake
badge. Real SAG card. I’m going Congo.” He decides to dress up like a bounty hunter and head off to stop Kony himself. His agent thinks he’s a nutter.

In case you’re wondering, he gets naked for a moment. It’s PG, we promise, but darn, those are great guns. (There is still time to vote in our “How fast will Christopher Meloni get naked on ‘True Blood'” poll.) Check out the video on and let us know what you think. You should also take action at The Twitter hashtag for the video is  #KonyMeloni.

Posted by:jbusch