Spoiler alert: If you have not yet watched “True Blood” Season 6 episode 6 “Don’t You Feel Me,” do not read this article because it will ruin a major plot development. You’ve been warned.

“True Blood” had to say goodbye to one of its own last night, and it’s something the cast has been mourning for months. Now that Todd Lowe‘s death as Terry Bellefleur has been revealed, the actors on the show are finally willing to open up about saying goodbye.

Zap2it caught up with Nelsan Ellis, Michael McMillian and Rob Kazinsky while they were at San Diego Comic-Con promoting “True Blood,” and each of them discussed how Terry’s death will affect their characters and the show. Ellis in particular has worked with Lowe for years, and found it really hard to discuss his loss.

“He’s one of my favorite people. The show aside, we’re losing a person who’s been with us for six years,” Nelsan says. “It was just us for three years. They kill off people, but not the main, you now? Todd was there at the beginning like all of us were, so we’re very sad. We’re very sad that they did that and that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

As for Terry’s upcoming funeral scene, Ellis simply says “it was very emotional.”

Though Steve Newlin is off imprisoned at Governor Burrell’s Camp right now, McMillian thinks his character could feel the repercussions of Terry’s death. To him as an actor, it was just important to have someone die off for good.

“When a human dies on this show, it really gives a sense of permanent death. The way they handle it is very beautiful,” he says. “I think it’s one of the storylines this year that really should just play out for the viewer and just have it unfold for themselves. … It was handled so touchingly and so well and it was really sad.”

McMillian elaborates, “I think that Todd’s death — Terry’s death — on the show really provides a real moment of loss. There’s a real sense from the characters of how can we move forward from this. It provides a great moment for I think all the main characters to check in with themselves and one another. His death does reshape I think destinies and relationships on the show in really surprising ways.”

Kazinsky’s Warlow might be new to the show, but even he will hurt when it’s revealed that Terry was killed. “It affects Sookie, and by proxy it affects me,” Kazinsky teases. When asked if Warlow tries to be Sookie’s shoulder to cry on, especially considering their recent hookup, he says, “I certainly try, but I can’t tell you anymore.”

“True Blood” Season 6 airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz