eric sookie finale 'True Blood' finale spoilers: Sookie and Eric's bloody good reunionWhile we count the minutes until “True Blood’s” explosive Season 5 finale, the clock could be ticking for the very lives of some of our favorite characters.

In the newest clip for “Save Yourself,” Bill (Stephen Moyer) isn’t pleased with his breakfast: Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), whom the Authority guards have taken up on his offer to be their cuckoo leader’s morning Cocoa Puffs.

Sam explains he’s just there to rescue Emma, but you can’t reason with the Mayor of Crazy Town. And although Bill doesn’t have a taste for shape-shifters, he bares his fangs at Sam anyway. Ruh-roh.

Things aren’t looking good for Pam, Luna or Jessica in the Authority dungeons either — but will Eric, Nora, Sookie and Tara come to their rescue?

nora eric tara 'True Blood' finale spoilers: Sookie and Eric's bloody good reunionYes, Sookie (Anna Paquin) has escaped Russell Edgington’s attack and replaced her frightening fairy finery with the badass uniform of the other vamps. And from the look of his face and hair, Eric (Alexander Skarsgaardhas chosen to accessorize with blood. Whose could it be?

holly andy 'True Blood' finale spoilers: Sookie and Eric's bloody good reunionBack at Merlotte’s, Holly apparently needs a stiff drink to deal with the news that her boyfriend Andy is about to become a fae-by daddy. We hope departing showrunner Alan Ball doesn’t break up this adorable couple in his “True Blood” swan song.

What else do you think Ball has in store in his final farewell?

“True Blood” concludes its fifth season Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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