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We’re trying to muster some sort of Truebie excitement over the finale of HBO’s “True Blood.” To be honest, it was kind of meh.
How is it that an exciting and sexy season could end on such a blah note? Everything we love about the show seemed muted or nonexistent in this episode. There were no big fights, or crazy sex and very little supernatural anything. 
Lafayette is seeing things and Jesus admits he’s a witch (who doesn’t really use his powers anymore — boring). Sam has turned a gun on his little bro (and they don’t shift during the chase — snore). Jessica and Hoyt move toward being some live-in couple. Eric has spared Russell’s life by encasing him in cement — that’s your finale best, Eric? Bill tried to do the same to Eric, but Pam saved him and took out someone Bill sent after her. We learned that all through dialogue, by the way. Jason let Chrystal go (without really doing any cool were-leopard things all season) with her incestuous V-addicted brother. And in the end, Sookie just disappeared with Claudine and a bunch of other faeries.
All season, the biggest critique we had of the series was there were too many storylines going on at once and they had to integrate at some point. Deep inside, even when there was one episode left, we believed the writers would pull it together. And the fact is, they haven’t.
The finale felt rushed and so much happened off-screen that we had to pull the pieces together ourselves in between scenes. Executive producer Alan Ball’s post-show message about Season 4 throwing in more supernaturals didn’t make us feel better either. This show could use fewer characters with individual plots, not more.
Yes, Mr. Ball, we’ll tune in for Season 4, because we truly love the show. This finale, though, was no way to leave us until next summer.

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