Giles-Matthey.jpgOh, we are totally okay with this re-casting choice. Newcomer and hottie Giles Matthey is the new Claude in the upcoming season of “True Blood.” The role was previously (and very briefly) played by Neil Hopkins in the beginning of Season 4.

Fans of the books by Charlaine Harris will remember Claude described as “the nephew of Sookie’s half-human/half-fairy grandfather, Fintan, and
cousin to Sookie’s father … He makes an impact on all women and is
described as being absolutely breathtaking … He started out as a
stripper at Hooligans, a club in Monroe, which he later becomes owner
of, and has branched out to print and runway modeling … Women usually
say ‘wow’ when they see him, but his interest is men.”

Well, if we didn’t know that fairies are going to play a big part in Season 5, we do now. According to EW, an unconfirmed report has Claude grabbing Jessica’s (Deborah Ann Woll) interest, but we doubt he’ll return it if it’s true. Matthey is the newest addition to the extra-sexy cast that now includes fan favorite Christopher Meloni. Don’t feel bad about how much you’re drooling right now. We are too. 

Posted by:jbusch