deborah ann woll true blood 'True Blood'   'Gone Gone Gone' sneak peeks: Why is the coroner at Sookie's house?Only three episodes remain in “True Blood’s” fifth season, peeps (and supes)!

We’ve tossed some spoilers out in the universe, and today are rewarded with even more clues to what Alan Ball has in store before his showrunning duties officially end with the Aug. 26 finale.

We’ll see a lot of Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) Sunday’s (Aug. 12) episode, which has the troubling title “Gone Gone Gone.”

First, Jess and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) have an unexpected encounter at Merlotte’s, which is closed either due to rampant vampire attacks or its ongoing staffing shortage.

Suddenly Hoyt walks in and they realize he’s summoned both of them to (1) hug it out and give his blessing to the obviously smitten Jess and Jason; (2) kill them; or (3) suggest a threesome.

deborah ann woll ryan kwanten true blood 'True Blood'   'Gone Gone Gone' sneak peeks: Why is the coroner at Sookie's house?
Since they seem to be having a civilized conversation at the table, we’re not betting on sex — or death.

So if Hoyt doesn’t shoot him, how does Jason end up at the bottom of a grave with Jessica? Could Jess’s visit to the Authority have something to do with it? When Bill 
(Stephen Moyer)

says, “I told you: Vampires often turn on the ones they love the most,” is he commanding Jess to turn Jason?

Meanwhile, Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) in a spot of trouble herself, when Coroner Mike “Toe Sucker” Spencer (John Billingsley) pays a visit.

“I’m here about the body,” he says.

“What body?” asks Sookie, naturally, to which he replies:


Yikes! Will both Stackhouses survive the season?

“True Blood” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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