true blood mariana klaveno stephen moyer 320 'True Blood': Lorena's back; the real wolf pack“True Blood” is coming back this summer with a face from the past: Lorena.

Mariana Klaveno, who plays Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) maker, revealed to MTV’s Hollywood Crush that Lorena and Bill will be spending lots of time together when the show returns for Season 3.

The actress won’t reveal, however, whether or not Lorena is the one that kidnapped him in the Season 2 finale. She does confirm that there will be more flashbacks from when Lorena and Bill traveled the world together as lovers.

“I love the flashbacks, because you get to step into that time period and play around a bit,” says Klaveno. “I think the flashbacks help build that into the character. The years and experience add layers into the character. I did a little bit of research and beefed up on world history a bit. I don’t actually know what her history was in every single decade — the writers haven’t filled in all of those blanks, so I’ve kind of had to do my own loose sketch of how I thought she spent some centuries.”

Klaveno also promises more “succubus costumes” (hooray) and that there will be som “turbulance” between Lorena and Bill (no surprise).

true blood joe manganiello anna paquin s3 320 'True Blood': Lorena's back; the real wolf packOn the warm-blooded, less undead side of the “True Blood” world are the shapeshifters and weres. We already knew that Sookie (Anna Paquin) would be assigned Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) as a bodyguard and that he’s a full-blooded werewolf.

Apparently, production has called in real live wolves to play the were’s animal counterparts, says TV Guide Magazine. There are eight gray wolves (or North American timber wolves) on the set, and many precautions have been taken to make sure no one, including the wolves, are harmed.

Each of the wolves have two trainers who keep them in check and they do a walk through of their marks hours before the shooting starts. While supervised, the actors commune with their furry pals to make everybody’s more comfortable working together.

“My wolf counterpart is Thunder,” says Manganiello. “He’s the grumpiest wolf, kind of like Alcide.”

The third season of “True Blood” airs Sunday, June 13.

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